The following photographs are of domes built from kits by Domes Northwest or Natural Spaces. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, call or  e-mail  us and we’ll be happy to post new photos.

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  • dagny garner:

    i am buying a lot in guerneville , ca and am interested in a log cabin type geodesic dome kit.
    please get in touch with me via e mail or phone to discuss pricing ect.

    dagny garner
    760 451 2208

  • dagny garner:

    please get in touch with me concerning a geodesic log home kit. 760 451 2208

  • Hugh:

    Hugh will be call you to discuss your plans.
    All the best,

  • Jim Wainscott:

    Hi, we bought 25 acres a few years ago in Rouge River Oregon and would love to put a 36′ mid/high profile dome on it. The lot is at 28%-55% slope. We are thinking about an earth sheltered home built into the hillside….and placing the dome on top. Do you have any “hillside dome photos” that you could post? Thanks…Jim.

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