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40' high profile floor plan

40' high profile floor plan

Our standard dome home floor plans shown have been created for those customers looking for a good basic geodesic dome home plan or for those not wanting to go through the time and expense of custom construction drawings.

The set includes 2 elevation views, dimensioned lower and main floor plans, main floor joist framing layouts, plywood floor decking layout, lower floor concrete slab plans, detailed drawings for building the lower floor walls out of the pressure treated permanent wood foundation system, cross sections, a list of building materials broken down by each section of the project, detailed “shop” drawings relating to building the various geodesic dome hardware components.

In addition to the construction drawings, a complete 10 page MacDome Budget is included. This gives a dollar estimate for all of the building components and associated labor installation costs for the entire building project.

We include a Domes Northwest standard contract form with dome component specifications and prices shown for the particular plan.

This complete plan package is available for a $300 deposit, credited on your future Domes Northwest purchase. We include 4 sets of plans with additional sets available for $30 each.

Dome Raisings
If you'd like to be notified of the next dome raising and receive a free DVD that contains a "Dome Tour', Planet Green's "World's Greenest Homes" featuring Natural Spaces Domes & Dome Price List, contact Tim at Natural Spaces Domes!
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